In Rockport, abundant waters and happy boaters have fostered a reputation for fabulous cuisine and festive watering holes, peppering across several quaint downtown locations to waterfront locales.

Glow, Latitude 28’02 and Cheryl’s by the Bay are among Rockport’s fresh-catch favorites, while Bellino’s, Los Comales Mexican and Hu Dat oriental offer a glimpse of the variety of cuisine available. For all American fare, MoonDogs and Alice Faye’s will do the trick.

And when Rockport’s waters make you thirsty, steer your boat toward any number of watering holes and enjoy your beverage of choice while watching some of the most beautiful sunsets found anywhere. For those nights when “just one drink” turns into a party, Rockport offers a number of establishments serving late into the night. | 1.800.780.3750 | Privacy Policy | A DeAyala Properties Development | Marketed Exclusively By The Personette Group hud