Surrounded by water, home to artists and dating back to 1867, Rockport is a never ending trail for those who like to explore everything a place has to offer.

The city’s numerous art galleries offer an ever-changing collection of everything from oil paintings to ceramics. The Austin Street Gallery is a local favorite, offering works from more than two dozen artists.

Rockport is also home to the Texas Maritime Museum, open year-round and offering permanent exhibits that detail the histories of commercial and sports fishing in Texas, plus boat and ship building and more.

To get a feel for the rich history of Rockport, visit the Fulton Mansion State historic site The restored home of the affluent Fulton family dates back to 1877 and offers visitors a glimpse of affluent life way back when. | 1.800.780.3750 | Privacy Policy | A DeAyala Properties Development | Marketed Exclusively By The Personette Group hud